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Is Clove Oil Good for Hair? Here’s What Experts Say

Are you struggling with dandruff, hair loss, or a lack of shine in your hair? Ever wondered, “Is clove oil good for hair?

Discover how clove oil can banish dandruff, promote hair growth, and give your tresses a vibrant shine with Blonde Beauty. Keep reading to learn more about the clove oil benefits for hair and how to incorporate it into your hair care routine!

Is Clove Oil Good For Hair?

Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) have been valued for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, the ancient system of Indian medicine. Ancient civilizations, including the Greeks and Romans, recognized clove’s ability to stimulate blood circulation, promoting healthier hair growth.

Over time, the use of clove for hair care spread globally. People use clove-infused oils and treatments to combat dandruff, strengthen hair, and enhance its natural shine. Today, clove oil remains a popular natural remedy in hair care routines for its proven benefits in promoting scalp and hair health.

Is Clove Oil Good for Hair
Is Clove Oil Good For Hair? 

Benefits of Clove Oil for Hair

As you now have learned the usage of clove oil in traditional medicine, here are six of benefits of clove oil for hair:

Banishes Dandruff

We’ve all faced the challenging chronic scalp disorder known as dandruff at some point. The constant itching sensation on your scalp, along with the appearance of flakes on your shoulders and clothes, can damage your confidence and self-esteem.

Cloves serve as a natural remedy that contains antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. Therefore, clove oil helps eliminate dandruff and soothe dry, irritated scalp conditions. To treat dandruff, add around 10 to 12 drops of clove oil to 8 ounces of your regular shampoo and wash your hair with it.

Is Clove Oil Good for Hair
We’ve all faced the challenging chronic scalp disorder known as dandruff at some point.

Promotes Hair Growth

When your hair refuses to show healthy growth, many people replace their shampoo with a more expensive one or book an appointment for a hair spa. However, these options do not guarantee positive long-term results.

Clove oil, on the other hand, acts as a natural remedy to promote hair growth as it contains vital vitamins and minerals that help your tresses flourish. Additionally, massaging diluted clove oil into your scalp boosts blood circulation, ensuring more nutrients and oxygen to your scalp and hair follicles.

To experience the benefits of clove essential oil for hair growth, indulge in a hot oil treatment or apply a DIY hair mask prepared with clove oil.

Is Clove Oil Good for Hair
Promotes Hair Growth 

Nourishes Scalp Health

Maintaining a healthy and clean scalp can significantly improve hair texture and overall hair condition. Clove oil acts as a natural cleansing agent and feeds your scalp with organic proteins. It soothes itchy, irritated scalps by improving blood flow and offering hydration.

Additionally, clove oil possesses strong antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. These properties heal and prevent various scalp disorders, such as seborrheic dermatitis, scarring hair loss, and scalp pruritus.

Applying clove oil detoxifies your scalp, removing grease, dirt, and impurities while adding a refreshing aroma to your tresses. As a result, you notice a healthier scalp, less hair breakage, and the promotion of new hair growth.

Is Clove Oil Good for Hair
Nourishes Scalp Health 

Reduces Hair Loss

Excessive hair fall can be associated with weak hair follicles, harsh climatic conditions, and scalp disorders. It might also signal serious health issues. Regardless of the cause, untreated hair fall can lead to baldness, thinning hair, and a receding hairline.

While many home remedies to reduce hair fall don’t offer immediate results, applying a small amount of clove oil on your scalp can help cover bald spots and strengthen your hair shaft, inhibiting unnecessary hair fall. Regular use of clove essential oil for hair growth will add volume to your tresses, making them appear lustrous and gorgeous.

Is Clove Oil Good for Hair
Reduces Hair Loss 

Enhances Hair Shine

If your hair begins to look or feel dry and lackluster, with curls losing texture and appearing dehydrated, lifeless, and brittle, it indicates your hair needs some tender love and care. Clove oil offers a deep conditioning effect to rough hair strands, adding much-needed shine to dull tresses.

This spicy oil reduces the chances of hair damage, frizz, and split ends. Applying clove oil on your hair shaft can help your hair feel smooth and manageable. Regularly treating your hair with clove oil provides incredible fatty acids and proteins, resulting in smooth, shiny, and strong hair.

For best results, try an overnight anti-frizz treatment by massaging a blend of warm coconut oil and clove oil into your scalp and hair before bed. Rinse off the oils the next morning with warm water and shampoo. Follow this remedy once a week to achieve super shiny, stunning hair naturally.

Is Clove Oil Good for Hair
Enhances Hair Shine 

Prevents Early Graying Of Hair

When more and more grey hair starts appearing on your head, it can be disheartening. Although a few grey hairs after the mid-thirties aren’t a big deal, people in their late twenties are also experiencing premature graying due to health disorders. These include hormonal issues, or unhealthy lifestyle practices like smoking and alcohol consumption.

The elements in clove oil improve the production of the pigment responsible for your natural hair color. The antioxidants in clove oil combat oxidative stress, which leads to premature hair graying. To use clove oil for renewing your hair color, combine 3 tablespoons of eucalyptus oil with a teaspoon of clove oil. Then, massage your scalp and hair with this oil blend twice a week.

Is Clove Oil Good for Hair
Prevents Early Graying Of Hair 

Places To Buy Clove Oil For Your Hair

You can shop for clove oil online or in natural food or health stores. To find the best quality clove oil, follow these tips:

  • Know the scientific name: Ensure the product label includes the scientific name, Syzygium aromaticum. A synonym you might also see is Eugenia caryophyllata.
  • Look for a purity statement: Try to buy 100 percent clove essential oil. Any other ingredients should be listed on the label.
  • Be wary of marketing hype and product claims: Essential oils aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the same way drugs are. Be cautious of any oil that claims it can treat or cure a specific condition.
  • Make sure the oil is in a dark glass bottle: Light can damage essential oils, and dark glass helps keep the light out.
  • Smell it before buying: If possible, smell the oil before purchasing. Clove oil has a unique scent, and if it doesn’t smell as expected, avoid buying it.

Utilizing Clove Oil For Hair Growth

Research on cloves’ effects on hair growth focuses on the compounds in cloves and their benefits for scalp and hair health. Popular ways to apply cloves for hair growth include clove-infused oil, clove water rinse, and DIY clove hair masks.

Recipe for Clove-Infused Oil for Scalp Massage

Clove-infused oil for scalp massage combines a carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba oil, with cloves. Massaging clove oil onto the scalp increases blood flow to the hair follicles, stimulating hair growth and increasing hair thickness.

Here’s how to make clove oil for hair growth:

  1. Crush half a teaspoon of whole cloves with a mortar and pestle.
  2. Add the crushed cloves to 4 ounces (half a cup) of carrier oil (e.g., coconut, jojoba, or olive oil) in a jar.
  3. Seal the jar and let the cloves infuse in the carrier oil for a week.
  4. Strain the solids from the oil and pour the homemade clove oil into a clear bottle or jar.
  5. When your clove oil is ready, gently massage the oil onto your scalp with your fingertips. Leave it on for approximately 20 minutes before shampooing.
Is Clove Oil Good for Hair
Utilizing Clove Oil For Hair Growth 

Potential Side Effects of Clove Oil

While the benefits of clove oil for hair are significant, it’s important to use them cautiously and discontinue use if you develop adverse reactions. Some side effects of you might need to know include:

  • Scalp irritation: People with sensitive skin may experience skin redness, itching, burning, or stinging sensations.
  • Allergic skin reaction: Some individuals may develop an allergic reaction, including hives, skin blistering, redness, itchiness, and burning.
  • Eye irritation: Contact with the eyes can cause serious irritation.


  • Always perform a patch test before applying clove oil to your hair or scalp. Apply a small amount of clove oil to the inside of your elbow or underside of your arm. Leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes and wait seven to 10 days to check for signs of irritation (e.g., redness, rash, itchiness).
  • If you have any pre-existing skin conditions, consult a dermatologist before using clove oil on your scalp or hair.
  • If you experience irritation or discomfort, discontinue use. Consult a healthcare provider as soon as possbile.


In summary, is clove oil good for hair? Now you know it offers numerous benefits. From banishing dandruff to promoting hair growth, clove oil also nourishes scalp health, enhances hair shine, and prevents early graying.

While clove oil is a powerful natural remedy, it’s essential to use it cautiously to avoid potential side effects. We encourage you to share your own experiences with clove oil in the comments below and let us know how it has worked for you. Don’t forget to check out more blogs from Blonde Beauty for additional tips and insights on maintaining healthy, beautiful hair.


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